F&V Z400S UltraColor

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Soft Bi-Color Studio Panel Premium Kit
Product Highlights
  • Bi-color 3200k - 5600k
  • TLCI up to 99
  • Bright
  • Compact with a thickness of 8cm
  • Passively cooled
F&V Z400S UltraColor
Premium Kit incl. the KS-1 Softbox and Intensifier + Pro Case for 1x1  
Preorder now and get the Premium Kit incl. the KS-1 Softbox and Intensifier + Pro Case for 1x1 for the price of the Standard Pack! Preorder special only available until delivery starts.  
UltraColor is now also UltraSoft  
The UltraColor Z400S is the newest member of the new F&V Soft panel series that combines bi-color, TLCI 99, brightness, compactness and that is passively cooled and super soft.  
Brightness | up to 4400 Lux@1m  
The Z400S Soft and the optional KS-1 intensifier are the perfect team when a powerful soft light is needed. With 1841 lux @ 1m and with a beam angle of 130°, the Z400S Soft is already a very bright light. The KS-1 intensifier concentrates the light into a 50° beam angle, increasing the brightness to an incredible 4400 lux @ 1m (5600K).  
The quality of a light is not only defined by its color and brightness, but also how it renders shadows. With a clean, single shadow that wraps nicely around subjects, the UltraColor Soft delivers stunning results. No stepped shadows, no uneven color, just pure soft light.  
Correlated Color Temperature: 3200 - 5600K  
Illumination (Lux@1m): D: 1841, T: 1599  
Footcandles (fc): D: 171, T: 149  
TLCI: 97 - 99  
Color Rendering Index (Ra): 96 - 98  
Beam Angle: 130˚  
Dimming: 0 -100 % Continuous  
Power Consumption: 90 W  
Battery DC Voltage Range: 12 - 24 V DC  
Flicker Free Up To: 15000 fps  
Cooling System: Passive / Noiseless  
(1) x UltraColor Z400S Bi-color panel  
(1) x V-Mount AC adapter
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